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Our technology

Innovative patented technology which allows us to change the color and transparency of nearly every single kind of glass, within a split second. Using only minimal energy, you will be able to apply eclipse glass to your car, apartment, and more.

About us

This project was launched in July of 2017, and it is the collaborative work of the staff at Lomonosov University in Moscow and served as the start of the scientific research institute (NII).

In the research and development of this project, over a dozen scientists and five research organizations took part. The development process involved more than 20 organizations of research and production, and came to the following results:

Double patented technology.

Ready and available organic electro chrome technology of double glazed windows (triplex)


effective protection


increased security


color change in a few seconds




Electrochromic glass eclipse

Light transmission index varies from 75 to 5%

Power consumption 2.5 Watt per 1 m2

Operating voltage is only 1 Vol

Lifetime more than three years

Operating temperature from -32 +70